We find in converted cartridges an empty directory with an empty name


we find in converted cartridges an empty directory with an empty name
(i.e. the name does not even contain blanks). This spoils our software
to correct references and to prettyprint the imsmanifest.xml so that
the CC validator can write meaningfull error location messages.
At the moment I am programming a reference tester that inserts missing references into the manifest file of a content package and warns if there are references without corresponding files. The problem with the directory occurrs with each SCORM package I try to convert to CC using your converter tool. I use Win Vista as an operation system but the problem appears also while working with Win XP.
After unpacking the generated CC package with an ordinary zip program, the folder without a name disappears. But if I open the zip with a zip program (for example 7Zip), there is always an uppermost folder without name. The adress shown in the adress line of the zip program is for
C:\Users\Orth\cartridgeSicherung\patricia\Thermodynamics_CC.zip\ I suppose there must be an error with the generation of the new zip files in your converter. Probably there is only one \ too much.
The problem affects my referencing tool as well, because I always get an exception if I try to re-reference a converted CC package. The referencing tool handles the converted zip packages as corrupt zip files and throws an exception while trying to unpack the zip.
Would it be possible to correct this bug?